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4.5 Million Jobs in GCC industry by 2030.* Join the last scholarship batch of LITE Advanced Web Development Program, that opens the gateway for new opportunities!

*Source: Future of GCCs in India - A vision 2030

Admissions now open for the 11th cohort of LITE Advanced Web Development program (WD11Y23). 7450 scholarships are available for taking the course(s) as a Minor Degree or as Open Electives in LITE Advanced Web Development.

Scholarships supported by

Students from 17 Institutes have already availed scholarships in our previous cohorts and are taking the course(s) successfully.

Map illustrating students from 18 Institutes who have already availed scholarships in previous cohorts.

Web Development courses

The LITE Advanced Web Development curriculum is offered to students as four courses that have weightage of 18-20 credits. These courses will impart skill competencies to students to become a full-stack web developer.

WD 101

Beginner - Getting Started with Javascript

WD 201

Intermediate - Server-side programming with Node.js

WD 301

Advanced - Front-end development with React & Typescript

WD 401

Industry - Getting ready for production deployment.

More advanced courses would be added to give a broader choice of specialisations.

Course pathway

Gain the skills to become industry ready

Comptency based knowleldge spectrum WD 201
Comptency based knowleldge spectrum WD 301

Teaching learning experience

Watch the video to see the new teaching-learning experience using a learner-centred model following the NEP 2020 guidelines.

Dynamic Curriculum by Industry Experts

Through the course journey, you will confidently, gain skill competencies to become a full-stack developer by learning from a curriculum designed and maintained by practising software engineering professionals.

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Vignesh Rajendran

Principal Engineer, Oracle

Vignesh is a seasoned UI Technology Evangelist with around 10 years of experience building and developing amazing User Experiences across various platforms and domains. He works with Oracle as a Principal Engineer solving UI engineering use cases for their Cloud and Cloud-native products. The stack he works on covers everything UI, although now he mainly codes on Javascript and Typescript. In leisure, he writes a lot and read a lot more.

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Melson J Zacharias

CTO, Perleybrook Labs LLC.

Melson is CTO at Perleybrook Labs LLC, where he primarily works with C++, Python, and Typescript. In his spare time, he would be reading a book or can be seen answering questions in StackOverflow.

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Avishek Jana

Co-Founder   Principal Engineer, GEOGO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Avishek is an Engineer, a full-stack developer and an open-source contributor. Currently, he is working at GEOGO Techsolutions as Principal Engineer. He started his professional career in 2013 and worked on technologies like: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ReactJS, TypeScript etc. Apart from work, he loves to mentor and train fresh graduates to enhance their skills as per industry demands. Teaching is his way to contribute back to the society.

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Hari Gopal

Chief Technology Officer, Pupilfirst

Hari is a full-stack software engineer with 12 years of experience and leads the development of Pupilfirst LMS, one of the largest open-source projects that uses the ReScript programming language.

The curriculum is updated dynamically based on student/faculty feedback and changes in the industry

Learner-Centered Classrooms

You will be a part of this cohort having students across 8 states in India to learn via Learner-centred Classrooms following National Educational Policy 2020 guidelines (NEP 2020).

Watch video

Get Personalised Guidance

As a beginner, we expect you to make many mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Get personalised guidance from LITE faculty members, industry experts and teaching assistants to find answers and confidently move ahead.

Photo ofDr. Ahmad Jamal

Dr. Ahmad Jamal

Assistant Professor

Tula's Institute, Dehradun

Photo ofMr. Rakesh Kumar

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

Tula's Institute, Dehradun

Photo ofMr. Sameer B.Patil

Mr. Sameer B.Patil

Assistant Professor

KIT's College of Engineering, Kolhapur

Photo ofProf. Shailesh Galande

Prof. Shailesh Galande

Assistant Professor

Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCoE), Pune

Photo ofProf. Durga Devi

Prof. Durga Devi

Assistant Professor

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Photo ofDr. Padmaja

Dr. Padmaja

Associate Professor

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad

Photo ofMr. Krishna Rao Patro

Mr. Krishna Rao Patro

Associate Professor

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad

Photo ofMr. Prajwal Maredukonda

Mr. Prajwal Maredukonda

Assistant Professor

Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad

Photo ofProf. Ganesh Deshmukh

Prof. Ganesh Deshmukh

Assistant Professor

Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad

Photo ofProf. Joshi Padma Narasimhachari

Prof. Joshi Padma Narasimhachari

Associate Professor

Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology

Photo ofProf. Santhosh Ramchander

Prof. Santhosh Ramchander

Assistant Professor

Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology

The students completed the courses well before the deadlines

One student from WD08Y23 completed up to WD 201 in

11 weeks.

WD 101 : Getting Started with JavaScript.

2 weeks

WD 201 : Server-side programming with Node.js

9 Weeks

If they can, you can too!

Build a Successful Career

Your efforts to complete the curriculum to gain industry - ready skill competencies shall deliver a successful career.

Freshwork Academy photo

Arnab Sen

Cohort : WD04Y22

Role : Software Engineer

Company : Google

Freshwork Academy photo

Shailesh Anand

Cohort : WD03Y21

Role : Technical Solutions Engineer

Company : Google

Student Internship Showcase

Click on any student below to see their work done and contributions to the CARE project as a part of their internship.

Growing Hiring Network

71 companies are currently enrolled in the hiring network.

Freshworks | Modern and Easy Customer and Employee Experience SoftwareAsia's First Neobank | Business Banking Platform For SMEs & Startup - OpenBest Dental Software for Business Success | CareStackPupilfirst Private Private LimitedeGov FoundationAgroCast Analytics Pvt LtdAi Health Highway India Pvt LtdChampion Semiconductor LLPDatazoicDelta X Automotive

Powerful Alumni Network

Since 2016, 819 students have graduated from our courses/programmes to work at leading startups and corporations.

Alumni Network Logos

Why wait? Join the proven career pathway

Approved by the “All India Council for Technical Education” as National Model Curriculum for Indian Universities

Step 1

Learn Web Development 101

Duration: 15 hours / 1 Academic Credit

Learn to write code the way professionals do and build a simple website.

Step 2

Admission to Web Development 201

300-hour learning journey begins towards becoming a full-stack developer.

Once you complete the WD 101 course successfully adhering to academic standards, you shall be admitted to the Web Development 201 course with a full scholarship. (first come, first served basis).

At Pupilfirst we believe in the importance of submitting original work and have enforced a strict review mechanism to detect plagiarism at any level of the course. We encourage all students to adhere to academic standards and submit only original work for review across all WD courses.

Step 3

Start Learning with peers from across the country

All eligible students, who apply, will be onboarded to the web development courses as part of the Minor Degree or as Open Electives, based on the Institute approval.

You will be learning with students from 14 institutes and 8 states across the country.

Step 4

Complete WD 201 and gets onboarded to WD 301

Upon completion of WD 201, you shall be onboarded to WD 301, an advanced course designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a proficient full-stack web developer.

Step 5

Become a Teaching Assistant

Selected learners who complete WD 201 shall be onboarded as teaching assistants to pass on their knowledge to other students and will receive a stipend & certificate for their efforts.

Step 6

Access to internships opportunities through the Hiring Network

As you finish your courses, we will connect you to the companies in our hiring network who are looking to provide internship opportunities.

Step 7

An Opportunity to Contribute to Digital Public Goods

After WD 301 course, selected learners who demonstrate the application of skills ahead of peers shall be invited to join the GDC Batch of 2023 and contribute towards building Digital Public Goods along with the title of National Software Engineering Fellow.

Programme Partners:

Learn More about GDC Internships

Step 8

Get a Minor Degree in Advanced Web Development or get credits for completing the courses as Open Electives, as applicable.

You can be among the pioneers who graduate from University with a B.Tech/BE in X with a Minor Degree in Advanced Web Development; where X = your current branch of study. If you have opted for Open Electives, this will contribute towards your graduating degree.

Step 9

Join a growing Alumni Network

You will be inducted into our Alumni network once you complete WD 201 successfully.

Step 10

Contribute as an Industry Teaching Fellow

Vamsi Krishna was one of our Teaching Fellow who graduated from this programme during July-December 2019 and started working as a Software Engineer. In WD06Y22 cohort, with the knowledge he gained from industry, he contributed towards upgrading the curriculum for new learners and helped them in their learning journey. Vamsi is now pursuing MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Buffalo, New York.

Key Timelines

07 November 2023

Application Open for LITE Minor Degree and Open Elective WD11Y23 cohort

07 November 2023 onwards

Student onboarding to WD 101

16 November 2023

Deadline for submission of application

21 November 2023

Deadline for students to complete WD 101 course to get onboarded for WD 201 course

22 November 2023

Commencement of WD201 course for students who complete WD101

07 February 2024

Deadline for students to complete WD 201 course

How to apply?

Your admission to Web Development (WD201) as a part of the minor degree or as an open elective is based solely on a successfully completing the Web Development 101 course as an interest-based admission test (IBAT) and not required of submitting any prior knowledge proof or mark sheets.

Participating Institutions

To start with, students from the following LITE Institutions are eligible to apply.

Logo of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
Logo of Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Hyderabad
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad
Logo of KIT's College of Engineering
KIT's College of Engineering
Logo of Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering PCCoE Pune
Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCoE), Pune
Logo of Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology
Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology
Logo of Vardhaman College of Engineering Shamshabad
Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad
Logo of Tula's Institute Dehradun
Tula's Institute, Dehradun

If your institution is not listed, register your interest here.


Photo ofArepelly Shylesh

Feedback on Capstone Project in course: Before starting this course, I built websites using HTML for frontend which were not very attractive for the user , but after learning this course, now I am confident that I can build the frontend interface more beautifully and more attractive for the users. This capstone project helped me to build my skills and understand deeply about the core concepts of React, Redux. I faced challenges mainly on Redux operations, so I searched the forums, YouTube and asked on Pupilfirst Discord learning community to understand clearly.

Arepelly Shylesh

WD06Y22 Cohort,

Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad, Telangana

Photo ofFrehiwot Abebie Haile

Having the opportunity to learn from Pupilfirst professionals has been extremely beneficial to me. I didn't have a well-structured knowledge of NodeJs as I'm a self-taught programmer. However, the courses taught me the fundamentals of code structure and accepted project methods. The capstone project's challenges have improved my problem-solving abilities. This has piqued my interest in learning and exploring more. Furthermore, I'll be honored to serve as a TA. In the process, I'll improve my skills by assisting others. I'm excited to work with the Pupilfirst team!

Frehiwot Abebie Haile

WD06Y22 Cohort,

Marwadi University

Photo ofSai Mallik Rameshwaram

Feedback on Course Management by Pupilfirst Team: The way the Pupilfirst team managed the course was impressive. The content was well-organized, and the guidance offered was really helpful in my learning journey. The platform itself was easy to navigate, which made the whole experience much smoother. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with how the course was handled, and I want to acknowledge the team's efforts

Sai Mallik Rameshwaram

WD06Y22 Cohort,

Vardhaman College of Engineering

Photo ofJavid Sumra

The Pupilfirst LMS is an impressive learning platform. I particularly appreciate the auto-grading feature powered by VTA, as well as the user-friendly interface (UI).

Javid Sumra

WD06Y22 Cohort,

Feedback on Pupilfirst LMS

Photo ofAnkit Rawat

The course content is crisp and precise which makes it easy to follow along. Adding more video content to the course will definitely help students like me understand the topics easily. Also, I feel like the Typescript content is very few in the course, adding more resources for Typescript will surely help.

Ankit Rawat

WD06Y22 Cohort,

TulTula's Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Photo ofAryan Patel

I applied for the first batch of the GDC Fellowship program but got rejected. I applied for the second batch, and luckily I got selected. We got dedicated 3 months of training in React JS, Typescript and Django by PupilFirst. Before doing the course, I had very little knowledge of Full Stack Development, but after going through the course, I was quite confident in building web apps. After doing the courses, I got an opportunity to contribute to a digital public good named CARE. Getting exposure to contribute to an industrial and scalable project boosted my skills. The curriculum is designed in such a way that in a short period of time a person with less knowledge can become a pro in building web apps. The skills I acquired and the projects I built helped me a lot during my placements. GDC Fellowship was the best thing which happened to me in my life till date.

Aryan Patel


Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology

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  • Students can apply and get onboarded to the WD101 course between 07 November to 16 November 2023. We recommend that you submit your application earlier in order to give yourself more time to complete the WD101 course.
  • Upon completion of WD 101 successfully, students get onboarded to WD 201. Students who are not keeping up with the WD 201 course work within the set timelines will be offboarded from the course.
  • Students who already availed scholarship for WD 201 in any of the previous LITE cohorts can take the course on a paid basis in the WD11Y23 cohort. Please follow the instruction shared with you from Pupilfirst over registered email ID.

Code of Conduct

Students shall adhere to the Code of Conduct and provide only truthful information. Any discrepancies shall lead to withdrawal of scholarship and being dropped from the course.


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, as you will find the answers to the questions most commonly asked by students. If you still need help, please get in touch with your faculty, who shall reach out to us.